The Dangers of Smoking Marijuana or Cannabis

Some consenting adults say that they don’t mind the risk of smoking Cannabis, but
even for them, smoking Cannabis can be very dangerous. For example, on June 15,
2018, the Miami Herald published an article entitled: Psychosis is Often the Effect
of Longer Term Recreational Marijuana Use. It was written by a University of Miami
Psychiatrist, Dr. Stephen McLeod-Bryant, of the University of Miami, Miller School
of Medicine. The Miami Herald article said: “Nearly a dozen studies done in the
United States, Europe and Australia have shown that the heavier and the longer use
of recreational marijuana, the greater the risk of psychosis. Taken together, the risk
of psychosis is four times higher in the heavy users when compared to non-users”.
Another Psychiatrist, Dr. Christian Hopfer, at the University of Colorado School of
Medicine said in an article in the New York Post and published on May 22, 2018
which was entitled: All the ways Marijuana Can Hurt Your Health Dr. Hopfer had
concluded in a study on Marijuana, that: “smoke a couple of times a day and
marijuana will knock off your memory. That is pretty certain.” Also, Dr. Hopfer said
“if you start smoking pot as a teenager, you have four-times higher likelihood of
getting addicted.”  This same article also pointed out that there are about 3 Million
people who suffer from Marijuana disorder. This article also cites the American
Lung Association which says that “smoke from marijuana combustion has been
shown to contain many of the same toxins, irritants and carcinogens as tobacco
smoke.” We know of course that carcinogens in Tobacco have killed many millions
of people over the years.  It is therefore logical to expect that those who are
exposed to Marijuana smoke (First, Second or Third Hand Smoke) over a period of
years will also shorten their lives and could easily develop heart, lung problems and
cancer.  In the same New York Post article, another study of 2015 is cited which
concluded (at the Yale School of Medicine) that using marijuana makes a person
two and half times more likely to abuse opioids. (So much for using Marijuana as a
substitute for opioids). This article also cites a survey in Colorado, where according
to the Journal of Adolescence Health, visits to the Colorado Emergency Room by
teenagers suffering from pot related illnesses more than quadrupled between 2005
and 2015. Psychiatrist, Dr. Hopfer concluded that, “smoking weed is like playing
Russian roulette with your health.” In another report, about major potential dangers
of Marijuana, according to August 25, 2017 article in the Denver Post, entitled:
Exclusive: Traffic Fatalities linked to Marijuana Rise Sharply in Colorado. Is
Legalizing Marijuana to Blame? the number of Cannabis related highway fatalities in
Colorado has doubled since a law made “recreational pot” (Commercialization of
Pot) legal in 2014. Other authoritative studies show that pregnant women exposed
to Cannabis smoke places their unborn child at risk. For example, in the article
dated January 28, 2018 on National Public Radio, entitled: Is Smoking Pot While
Pregnant Safe for the Baby? This article tells a story of different authoritative
research studies by gynecologists, obstetricians, showing just how dangerous
Marijuana Smoke is. They warn of more still births, passing along Cannabis
ingredients to the unborn babies such as THC, and negatively impacting the unborn
child’s brain. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists warn
pregnant women to stay away from Marijuana use during pregnancy and stay away
from using Marijuana or inhaling Second Hand Smoke after birth.

While I do not want to ignore the serious risks and dangers of smoking Marijuana to
the consenting adult, what I am most concerned with, are those people who do not
want their air polluted and do not want to inhale Cannabis smoke or do not want to
take the risk, or who are too young or unable to protest a Marijuana smoker
polluting their breathing air. Some consenting adults may have been told by those
trying to sell them Cannabis, that smoking Marijuana is “liberating”.  The truth is
quite different though, in terms of becoming a slave to addiction and in terms of
forcing others to breathe in Cannabis smoke. Children, babies, and babies waiting
to be born, the sick, and the infirmed, cannot give consent to smoke Cannabis.  
However, these very same people may be forced to take those risks by Cannabis
smokers, who pollute the air we breathe.  In particular, I am concerned about those
people most vulnerable to Second Hand Smoke and Third Hand Smoke from those
smoking (ostensibly Marijuana).  I say ostensibly, because who really knows if what
is in their Marijuana cigarette… is really Marijuana. It perhaps might be some very
deadly toxic substance, such as Synthetic Marijuana.

Even if a cigarette contained only Marijuana, the Marijuana could easily contain fungi
(unsafe to inhale) or fungicide (also unsafe to inhale). Marijuana could be laced with
Hashish, Cocaine or other harmful drugs or toxic chemicals by the user or by the
seller of Marijuana. This is not a hypothetical and I know of cases where this has
occurred. However, with Cannabis alone, the smoke is dangerous and contains
toxic Hydrogen Cyanide and Ammonia as well as many other toxins. Moreover, if
the Marijuana burned has any residue of fungicide such as Myclobutanil, (a very
popular fungicide used on Marijuana plants grown legally), the smoke will contain
even more Hydrogen Cyanide plus Hydrogen Chloride gas which becomes a strong
Hydrochloric Acid when in a moist environment. This is nothing that you would want
to inhale or have anyone near you inhale, especially children. It could be even worse
in some States where Marijuana is grown illegally despite being legal in those same
States. This includes California, where Marijuana is legal and an overwhelming
percentage of Marijuana is grown illegally.  The illegally Marijuana grown, is most
often treated with the illegal and deadly poisonous pesticide called: Carbofuran.
(See Sacramento Bee, May 29, 2018 in an article entitled: Illegal pot grows found
in Yosemite, forests, Officials crack down, citing catastrophic poisons).  This is a
toxin so deadly, it is considered an equivalent of a nerve agent.  Just a tiny amount
of pure Carbofuran can be fatal to an adult human. A much smaller amount of
Carbofuran, may or may not be fatal, but inhaling it, could make you ill or very ill.

Carbofuran is a deadly toxin that can’t be completely washed off. The reason for
this is that the illegal growers may wash the Cannabis off (or not) before selling it,
but there will always be some poison left over. Why? because Carbofuran can be
absorbed into the Marijuana plant and when you smoke the Marijuana…you may
also be smoking and inhaling at least a small amount of Carbofuran. Moreover,
anyone else near you may be forced to inhale toxic Carbofuran …from your
smoking! Carbofuran is not the only illegal and highly toxic pesticide used by
Marijuana farms, but it is the poison of choice. When Marijuana became legal in
California, literally thousands of illegal Marijuana Farms sprouted up and started
using Carbofuran. To make matters worse, the Carbofuran, a deadly neurotoxin, is
starting to make serious inroads into California’s streams, rivers and drinking water.
Most likely, this is what would happen to New York, if Marijuana is legalized. Also, it
will be the illegal growers and illegal dispensers of poisoned and possibly deadly
Marijuana, who stand to make obscene monetary profits from unlimited legalization
(commercialization) of Marijuana and exploitation of the public.

What does all of this mean? “Cannabis Commercializing Proponents” might suggest
to you that this is “no big deal”.  They may tell you that “legalization” or Cannabis
Commercialization, is inevitable, but that is just propaganda. “legalization” is really a
euphemism for Commercialization by something like a “Big Marijuana Cartel” (only
legal).  There can be no question that if there is Big Money to be made by
Commercializing Pot…then there will begin to materialize Big Marijuana…along the
all too familiar style of Big Tobacco…and of course all of the attendant problems
encountered with Big Tobacco. There will of course be a rise in Commercialization
by illegal cartels who will grow their own “weed” in New York, or import it, and sell
it at a discount—just like in California. As just as in California, we could easily have
all of those pesticide problems associated with illegal “Marijuana grow farms”. They
may even tell you that there (allegedly) have been no reported deaths by Marijuana,
so these “Marijuana Commercializing Proponents” might then say: “why all the
fuss?”  This is a red herring because as with Tobacco smoke, death is not
immediate. Tobacco smoke, (of all kinds including Second and Third Hand Smoke),
will make you sick, lower your ability to ward off disease, may cause you to lose
limbs, cause cancer and generally cut your life, (and that of your children) shorter.  
Tobacco smoke kills, (and has killed many tens of millions of people) but it usually
takes time. But we see many of same toxins in Cannabis, as we do in Tobacco.
Thus, we have therefore every scientific reason to believe that Marijuana kills…but
slowly. When Tobacco smoke does not kill, it makes you ill.  Similarly, we should
expect the same, especially for children, babies, and unborn babies.  We just need
more testing to track the effects of Cannabis smoke. We have to track the effects
of Marijuana smoke long enough and also separate it from Tobacco smoke which
contains, in some cases, identical toxins. Thus, there should no rush to enter more
toxins and poisons into our systems without more scientific testing. The experts
agree: The American Cancer Society opposes Marijuana legalization, The American
Lung Association says that all smoke, including Marijuana and Tobacco, are bad for
the lungs.  The American Medical Association is opposed to legalization of
Marijuana. The American Heart Association says Marijuana may be harmful to the
heart and blood vessels. With this kind of evidence and expertise, no one can say
correctly, with any scientific certainty that Marijuana is “safe” for everyone or even
for consenting adults as some politicians will tell you.  It is disturbing to me to hear
anyone, particularly any political leader use “Alternative Facts” to say that smoking
Marijuana is “safe”.  This is a falsehood. This is the same kind of falsehood spread
by Big Tobacco years ago. A Tobacco executive even tried to tell the U.S.
Congress, and the world that “cigarettes are no more addictive than gummy bears.”
The truth however is far different as we now know that worldwide, many tens of
millions of people were killed by tobacco smoking. Many millions more people were
maimed or killed by those polluters who place Second Hand and even Third Hand
Tobacco Smoke into our breathable air. While some tests show that Cannabis is
addicting for younger people, Tobacco smoke alone is dangerous and chemically
addictive for almost anyone, regardless of age. However, many other toxins
besides addictive Nicotine were found to be in cigarettes such as
Arsenic, Ammonia, Formaldehyde and other toxins, (some of the same
toxins found in Cannabis when it is burned). In fact, studies show that there is Five
times as much Hydrogen Cyanide and 20 times as much Ammonia in Cannabis
smoke than in Tobacco smoke. How can Hydrogen Cyanide affect you? According
to a CBC News article by Elizabeth Chiu on January 28, 2017, Health Canada says:
"Hydrogen Cyanide interferes with how oxygen is used int he bad and may cause
headaches, dizziness, nausea and vomiting. Larger concentrations may cause
gasping, irregular heartbeats, seizures, fainting and even death." Once the
Hydrogen Cyanide is created by the lighting up of Cannabis or Tobacco, some of it
becomes the Cyanide ion or Cyanide when placed in a moist area, such as perhaps
your lungs. These concentrations may even be very low, but do you really want to
breathe in Cyanide? Do you really want kids, babies, toddlers, unborn babies
breathing in
Cyanide? in any concentration? If the answer to that question is
No (as it should be) then you do not want Marijuana smokers near you or your
children, while they smoke.

Speaking about falsehoods spread about poisons by those seeking to unjustly profit
by those poisons…we had Big Oil polluting the air with profuse amounts of lead
they used to pour into our atmosphere. Big Oil had “Alternative Facts” and its
propaganda machine was working overtime to claim that the lead (from leaded
gasoline) in the air and water was at “safe” levels.  Big Oil would add an equivalent
of a deadly nerve agent, called: Tetraethyl Lead to create this deadly lead which
polluted our air, oceans, seas, and drinking water. Nonetheless, Big Oil insisted that
“leaded gasoline” was “safe”. At that time in our past, our world was in a crisis of
conscience. This is where consciousness had to decide which was more important:
the health of our children and humanity or countenancing obscene greed and
exploiting all humanity to make vast monetary gain for a few. Humanity won the day
when laws were passed restricting lead in many petroleum fuels, and (in some
cases rather weak but still some) restrictions on tobacco smoking.

As with the self-gratifying immediate Cannabis legalization crowd, (“Pot Legalization
Zealots”) we have the same modus operandi as used by Big Tobacco and Big Oil
as they use Alternative Facts and their propaganda to make their case about how
“safe” Marijuana is and tell you a tale about all kinds of money and rewards, it can
allegedly bring to those who legalize it. It is very similar to how Big Tobacco and Big
Oil have used propaganda to bully and belittle their opponents, minimize the
poisoning of the inhabitants of planet earth but insisting how “safe” their products
are. Nonetheless, with legalized Marijuana, we will see the effusion of big money to
produce similar propaganda and Alternative Facts, to tell us the falsehood just how
“safe” Cannabis is for everyone. In fact, we hear that falsehood now and it is no
better than hearing the falsehoods from Big Oil and Big Tobacco and some
politicians who are apparently addicted to obscene amounts of money and the
power they falsely believe it can bring to them. These zealots talk about all the
money that can allegedly be brought to the coffers of the State which completely
legalizes (or commercializes) Marijuana…which can just as easily be lost via
smuggling, illegal grow farms, or via higher law enforcement costs due to increased
crime related to Marijuana.  A State can also lose all financial gain from Marijuana
by the higher medical and hospital costs for those directly or indirectly impacted
adversely from Cannabis smoking or inhaling someone else’s Marijuana smoking.

So, why haven’t we seen more negative effects upon people then from Marijuana?
The answer is we have!  We have seen this mostly from the very few studies we
have.  We know that young people over 25 are less vulnerable. Those under that
age, show more negative effects and gets worse the younger the person exposed.
Unborn babies show perhaps some of the most negative effects of Marijuana.
Another reason may be that some of the same toxins from Second and Third Hand
Tobacco Smoke are the same as Second Hand and Third Hand, Cannabis smoke.  
A person in a survey may not be willing to admit to smoking Cannabis but may
admit to smoking Tobacco.  More testing would be needed to separate out which
toxic smoke is which…but both of them are very bad. Moreover, non-smoking laws
in public and serious enforcement of those laws make a difference.  A State can
make any law for public non-smoking it desires, but if there is a refusal to enforce
those laws…then the laws have no preventative effect.  This is not hypothetical as
there is serious consideration in non-enforcement or weak enforcement of non-
smoking Laws in public places.  We do see, however, more negative effects where
Cannabis is now legal, including serious concerns about drinking water pollution due
to Marijuana legalization (Commercialization) and the huge influx of illegal Pot
Farms.  So, how much of Hydrogen Cyanide Gas or Hydrochloric Acid (from
Cannabis and fungicide smoke) or Carbofuran smoke is too much for an unhealthy
person, for the elderly, for the infirmed, for a toddler, for a baby, for someone with
asthma or allergies, for a pregnant woman, or her unborn baby?  The answer is:
any amount of these deadly gases is too much. No testing should be required to
figure that out. However, this poisoning is precisely what occurs with Second Hand
Smoke of those smoking in public or in common areas in a home where the smoke
spreads.  This poisoning also occurs when even considering Third Hand smoke—
the residue of poisons that adhere to the walls and fixtures of a room where
someone has been smoking Marijuana. The fact is, too few studies have been
done, so why the rush for full legalization…it appears to be greed, hedonism, and
indifference. Why must our babies, unborn babies, children, and the elderly be the
“Laboratory Test Animals” for Marijuana safety?

Some of the “Pot Legalization Zealots”, for the sake of their hedonistic pleasure and
greed, may be willing to bear the risks of trafficking in Cannabis and smoking
Cannabis and possibly inhaling toxins, but they have no right to insist that our
children also bear the same risk of inhaling their toxins.  The “Pot Legalization
Zealots” have no answer on protecting the health of our children nor the rest of the
public. They might even suggest that this is all a “war on drugs”. The real “war” is
prosecuted by those who care about the obscene monetary rewards that can
obtain by the Commercialization of Marijuana. Moreover, the “war” that they
prosecute for gain and greed is against the public health of ourselves and our
children.  Their propaganda trivializes smoking Cannabis in public and suggests that
it is at best “just a nuisance”, like smoking nice “safe tobacco” in public, and
therefore can safely be ignored.  Their propaganda may even suggest any serious
efforts at using law enforcement, in any manner, to protect our children, unborn
babies and the public health somehow promotes social inequality or promotes the
nonsensical idea that all or most police, district attorneys, judges and juries will
become or are already… misanthropes (those tending toward racist behavior would
also be considered “misanthropes”). Of course, this same argument could be used
to justify unlimited legalization of MethAmphetamines, Synthetic Marijuana, LSD,
Fentanyl Cocaine, Opium, i25 (Synthetic LSD) and so forth. This is no excuse for
sacrificing the health of children and public. There are effective methods to mitigate
misanthropic behavior, but compromising public health is not one of them.
Moreover, it could be easily argued that such unlimited legalization
(Commercialization of Pot) will actually engender more misanthropic behavior and
not less misanthropic behavior.

On your Cynthia Nixon website, you say:       

“Cynthia  Nixon   is  the   bold  environmentalist   leader   we  need   as

           our    next   Governor.  She   is deeply   committed  to   protecting  our

           health… and will stand up for our children by standing up to polluters.”

I am hoping that this is true and that you will stand up for our children’s health and
against polluters such as those who pollute the air with Marijuana smoke or tobacco

Please let me know as soon as is convenient, how (in specific detail), your plan to
protect the public health from those smoking Marijuana and specifically how this can
be effectively enforced and what penalties for offenders who show an indifference
as to where they smoke and would literally force others to smoke Cannabis such as
children, toddlers, infants, the elderly, the infirmed, someone with allergies or
asthma and/or pregnant women, and all of us. Our children may have to pay a
terrible price of being exposed unnecessarily to serious toxins, if Marijuana is
legalized, without the strongest of safeguards against Second and Third Hand
Smoke. I further believe that if political leaders do not provide enough protections
against Second and Third Hand Smoke and our children and us start becoming sick
from the Cannabis and related toxins, the people of New York will feel betrayed.
This could easily cause a backlash where Draconian measures are introduced
against usage of Marijuana (including Medical Marijuana) and harsh incarceration
Drug Laws are re-introduced.

      Does The TRUTH Matter?   YES it Does!

Well beyond the good faith discussion about Marijuana and the highly probable
threat that it poses to the public health…there is the matter of TRUTH! (in all capital

We as a nation, a Planet, and as a Human Race, are struggling with this concept
worldwide. Either the TRUTH matters to us or it doesn’t. When truth does not
matter, and we can say anything, true or not, to score political points or to unjustly
enrich ourselves at the expense of and exploitation of others… then we lower
ourselves to the point where NOTHING matters!  People in general will not matter,
our friends and family and ourselves, will soon not matter.  We will begin to implode
upon ourselves and our planet with the persistent lying to ourselves and to others
who should matter to us.  This applies even if we try to justify persistent lies by
saying we are doing it for our party, our country, our race, our religion, or in pursuit
of the Almighty Dollar.  This applies if we indulge persistent lying and destroy the
TRUTH and bow to peer pressure of political leaders and Big Money to protect
other political leaders obviously doing wrong to all of us. But we may try justify this
in the hopes that we might seek political favors or political power for our indulgence
of vast lying. This applies if we destroy the TRUTH to convince the Human Race,
that lead in our air and drinking water will not hurt our children nor us, nor will
Tobacco or Marijuana Smoke hurt us or our children. This applies when we ignore
our science, senses and intuition, and claim that Global Climate Change is a hoax.
Global Climate Change is not a hoax and if we keep polluting the atmosphere, we
could in less than one hundred years, see the destruction of civilization due to this

To the degree that we are willing to destroy the TRUTH, then to that degree do we
destroy our greater purpose in life and we begin to destroy our self-concept and
then ourselves, our country and our planet.

The truth of the matter is that, we will end up destroying ourselves and our planet
by promoting more and more lies. The more we lie, the more lying is encouraged in
others. We cannot always rail at others who always lie, if we are always lying. The
truth is that the TRUTH matters. RESPECT matters and we must offer respect to
all people, regardless of our differences. The TRUTH can set us free, but where the
LIE will imprison and enslave us, if we allow it to that. We allow it when we justify
our own LIES by citing the LIES of others as a very poor excuse. Racism, Hatred
and general Misanthropic behavior can be eviscerated to a large degree, but not
with lies…but only with TRUTH and RESPECT for all Mankind and Womankind.  
Anything less than this, will not endure and fall like a house of cards.

We need to become the positive change that we want and set the positive example.
Then and only will we see the positive change materialize on our planet in vast
terms that we all hope for.
Formerly, an Open Letter to Gubernatorial Candidate,  Cynthia Nixon