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Does making Marijuana illegal contribute to
One well known politician has opined that essentially, "minorities are
arrested (for smoking pot in public), but if you are white, you will not
be arrested for doing the same thing". Others opine that you are
many times more likely to be arrested, if you are a minority.
The implication here is that all or most police, district attorneys,
judges are unequivocally racist. Because of this very suspect premise,
the only cure for this, according to this unsubstantiated hypothesis, is
legalizing marijuana and perhaps to the degree that you can smoke it
anywhere you want with impunity.
Even considering that this bizarre hypothesis is true, one could then logically
conclude that ALL drugs should be legalized, including Cocaine, Opium,
Heroin, LSD and so forth. Perhaps smoked and sold anywhere by anyone and
at anytime. Perhaps be sold at your neighborhood elementary school. This is
how bizarre this hypothesis becomes.
Of course, the politicians who cite this "statistic", cite no study for
verification. By guess work, there statistics that show when police go
into a Minority neighborhood, most of those arrested are Minorities.
However, when police go into a White neighbor, most of those
arrested are White. In other words, no information can be deduced
from the "study", but again, no one knows for sure if there is even any
study or the "statistics" were simply made up. Certainly, some are
when on politician insists that White people are able to smoke pot
with impunity.
These politicians also never tell you just how unfettered
legalization of Marijuana will cure racism. Perhaps they
hope you are high enough on Marijuana to believe
anything they say...whether it be true or not.
Misanthropic behavior (which includes racism) does exist, and can be
cured...but not by unthinking legalization of all drugs.