1. Cyanide, Hydrogen Cyanide,Carbon Monoxide,
Prussic Acid from Marijuana Smoke
Nevertheless, when the Cannabis or Marijuana plant is tested, it is turned into
filling for a Marijuana cigarette and is light (combusted) then Hydrogen Cyanide
is formed in the product of Marijuana Smoke.  
But how bad is that stuff?  Here is a little history about Hydrogen Cyanide: It
was once used as a Deadly Poison Gas during World War I. The usage was
stopped in favor of more deadlier gases such as Phosgene Gas.
We still have Hydrogen Cyanide in Cannabis smoke from the Cannabis or
Marijuana plant. When you breathe  this Hydrogen Cyanide in, it will turn into
Prussic Acid or Hydrocyanic Acid in your moist Lungs and blood stream. The
Prussic Acid, to a certain degree dissociates by giving up its Hydrogen. You
are then left with
Cyanide in your Lungs, blood and of course can show up
elsewhere in your body. No one can think that this could possibly be good!
Studies show that the amount of Hydrogen Cyanide created in this
manner in a Marijuana cigarette, are approximately 5 (five) times the
amount you would breathe in from a Tobacco cigarette.
So why aren't people dying on the spot after one toke on their
"weed"? This is because we talking about very small amounts of
Cyanide being produced and very low concentrations. This doesn't
mean that Cyanide in those small amounts can't hurt you. It just takes
longer and depends also on your frequency of smoking Marijuana.
How long does it take?  Depends upon the person. While there is little
long term research on the effects from Marijuana Smoke, we do have
research from Tobacco Smoke which also contains Hydrogen
Cyanide, although far less. The result:  Millions upon Millions of
deaths and Millions upon Millions maimed from primary, secondary or
third hand smoke.
What if you a very healthy, young adult who wants to take the risk of
inhaling small amounts of Cyanide Gas in order to get your "Pot
High"? Remember, when you smoke in public, you may be
others including children, toddlers, babies, unborn babies and others
to inhale deadly Cyanide or Hydrogen Cyanide Gas.
The question that must be asked then is: how much Cyanide is too
much for a baby, a child or toddler? The answer is: any amount of
Cyanide is too much. This is why smoking Marijuana is not poltical...it
is a public health issue!
Think twice before you decide you
want to be a frequent smoker of
Recall of Marijuana in Canada because of Hydrogen Cyanide
Ms. Elizabeth Chiu wrote an article on January 28, 2017 for CBC
News detailing a recall of Marijuana in Canada. The reporter spoke of
a letter a Medical Marijuana user received  that the Marijuana
consumed "tested positive for bifenazate and/or myclobutanil, both
unapproved pesticides (in Canada)." These pesticides, when heated,
can emit Hydrogen Cyanide.
According to this article and quoting Health Canada. Hydrogen
Cyanide interferes with how oxygen is used in the body and may
cause headaches, dizziness,, nausea, and vomiting. Larger
concentrations may cause gasping, irregular heart beats, seizures,
fainting and even death."
One of the biggest and cruelest myths about Marijuana Smoke, is "how safe it
is".  Let us just look at the toxic exposure one has from being exposed to
Marijuana smoke.
Studies have shown that Marijuana tested will create Hydrogen Cyanide when
heated enough. The research is on the plant itself. They then said that (all
Hydrogen Cyanide, Ammonia, and Carbon Monoxide are created(
Tar).  However, (if not most) legally grown Marijuana is sprayed with
fungicides such as Myclobutanil. Combusting or lighting Myclobutanil will also
create Hydrogen Cyanide, and Hydrochloride (or Hydrochloric Acid when it
reaches your lungs and blood stream).
Click here for full news  article from above
More poison found in Marijuana Smoke
As if it were not enough to find Hydrogen Cyanide in Marijuana Smoke,
another poison is found from studies of Marijuana.
Click Here for another
poison found in Marijuana. That poison is Ammonia
Other products, some benign, also create a small amount of Hydrogen
Cyanide when burned, such as green wood.  A small amount can be handled
and turned into thiocyanate and removed from the body by urine. However,
frequent exposure will have the cyanide go to the heart and brain. Worse yet,
the Hydrogen Cyanide acts synergistic manner to make the negative impact of
both of these toxins much worse for the human body.
A person could try to avoid Myclobutinal and extra cyanide by putting up with
fungus in their Marijuana, but that invites a different peril.
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