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Legalizing Marijuana
(Click Here for Formerly) Open Letter to
Gubernatorial Candidate Cynthia Nixon (about
the Dangers of Marijauna)
This is a site dedicated to the education and
protection of the public health, and the health of
our children from the very real dangers of
Marijuana Smoke, either direct or Second Hand
or Third Hand Smoke.
Myths about Marijuana Smoke and Marijuana
Marijuana  Smoke is safe

Marijuana has never killed anyone

Marijuana is not addictive

If people don't want me to smoke next them, they can say

Legalizing Marijuana will reduce arrests for Marijuana use in

Legalizing Marijuana will bring large revenues to the State

Marijuana is natural and so must be safe
Dangers of Marijuana Smoke
Click Here for more about Cyanide,
Hydrogen Cyanide, Carbon Monoxide,
Tar, Carbon Dioxide,and Prussic Acid
in your Marijuana Smoke
Marijuana Smoke can be deadly over a
period of time and with frequent use
A National Academies Report on some of the negative effects
of Marijuana Smoke.
National Institute of Drug Abuse
If you are a smoker and think that pure Marijuana
will be free of toxins...think again. Click on the
link below to find out about just some of the
poisons and toxins that you are exposing
yourself and your children to.
2. Mercury, Arsenic, Lead, and other
Heavy Metals in your Marijuana Smoke
(Click Here)
If you are a smoker and think that Marijuana
bought in states where Marijuana is legal, has
only Cyanide and Carbon Monoxide only
(which is bad)...think again.
The article is from
the Smithsonian, dated March 23, 2015 and
written by Brian Handwerk, and speaks of the
other poisons and toxins that Marijuana can
easily pick up from the ground it grows or
what is sprayed on it. The article is entitled:

Modern Marijuana is often laced with heavy
metals and fungus.
(and this is what you could
be smoking and anyone around you including
kids who breathe in your Marijuana Smoke)
More Cyanide, and  also Hydrochloric
Acid in your Marijuana Smoke.
Thinking perhaps because you bought
"weed" in places where it is legal, that you
can't possibly get any more Cyanide in
your Marijuana Smoke?  Think again after
reading the article below.
Remember: When you smoke Marijuana sprayed
with Myclobutanil, you get much more
and get Hydrochloric Acid to breath in.
Let us take a look at these Myths about Pot, one Myth at a time.
Myth 2: Marijuana has never killed anyone
Usually when this is said, the person means that
no one has died of an overdose of Marijuana.
People have overdosed on Marijuana and gone to
the hospital. People cut their life shorter by
inhaling the toxins contained in Marijuana. In any
case, one is adopting a very low standard to
judge recreational use of a drug:  whether
someone has died of an overdose or not.
Myth 1:  Marijuana Smoke is Safe
Myth 3: Marijuana is not addictive
This is another myth promoted by those who don't
look closely at the facts.
Check out this video from Fox
News in an interview with Dr. Mark Siegel.
Myth 4: If people don't want me to smoke next
them, they can say something
Not so easy to do if you are an unborn baby and
your expectant mother is next to a pot smoker.
Studies show that the unborn baby is very much
negatively impacted by Marijauna Smoke.
Myth 5:  Marijuana is natural and comes from a
plant. There it must be safe.
If this were true, then opium and
products of the coca plant (cocaine)
must also be "safe".  This of course is a
ridiculous proposition.
Myth 6:  Legalizing Marijuana can cure "racism"
to some degree.
This is one of the strangest myths about
Marijuana. The reasoning goes something like
this: "If you are a minority person, you are many
times more likely to be arrested for Marijuana and
so therefore if Marijuana is legalized, (and perhaps
all drugs including cocaine, heroin, LSD
Methamphetamines and more) then no one can be
arrested and the end of racism, at least in part.
Myth 7: Legalized Marijuana will bring
huge revenue to the State
This Myth is almost a joke. Alcohol and Tobacco
have been legal for years and there has been no
boon of revenue to the States. Moreover, legalizing
Marijuana brings costs of greater medical care,
traffic accidents, enforcement of use of only legal
marijuana, regulation, which reduce those putative
revenues to little or nothing depending upon the
State. Only the politicians make money, Big
Marijuana, illegal growers and smugglers.
Some politicians will say: "No one else is hurt by
Marijuana." Marijuana is anything but "safe".  See
the above analysis of Marijuana smoke
Marijuana is safe smoke except for the facts that it
contains Hydrogen Cyanide, Carbon Monoxide,
Carbon Dioxide, Tar, Nitrogen Oxides, & Ammonia.
4. Think maybe some of the pot you bought off the
street grown in states like California is "safe"?  
Think again as the vast majority of illegal pot is
contaminated with the illegal Carbofuran--almost
equivalent to a nerve agent.
See the Sacramento
Bee published on May 29, 2018.
Actually, many people are hurt by Marijuana
smoke. Anytime you smoke, anyone around ends
up smoking as well from Second and Third Hand
Smoke. This includes, kids, babies, unborn babies,
pregnant women, the ill, the elderly and everyone
else near you. Don't fool yourself...if you smoke,
you are forcing others to smoke if near you.
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