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On June 1, 2013,  Dr. Donald P. Tashkin issued an
artlcle via the
Annals of the American Thoracic

It was entitled Effects of Marijuana Smoking on the
, Below are some of the findings of Dr. Tashkin:
"Regular smoking of marijuana by itself causes
visible and microscopic injury to the large
airways that consistently associated with an
increased likelihood of symptoms of chronic
.." evidence is mixed concerning possible
carcinogenic risks of heavy, and long-term
usage" .
Several case reports have implicated marijuana smoking as an etiolocid facor in
pneumoterorz. pneunmomediastinum and bullous lung disease,...
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Discussed below are some of the results of a study conducted by
Pulmonologist, Dr. Donald P. Tashkin.  Dr. Tashkin is considered the
Guru of Medical Science by some of the "Legalize Now Crowd".
This crown make all kinds of claims Marijuana safety that they say
flows from Dr. Tashkin. However, the facts show something quite
different, as more fully seen below.
Author's Note:  In fact this study showed that when subjects smoked both
Tobacco and Marijuana, there was a
significant correlation to Lung Cancer.
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