Seth Speaks is a book written by Seth, who was
channelled through a woman living in the 70's. This book
speaks about Reincarnation and the eternal validity of
the Soul.  The book also spends time explaining who the
Speakers are. Seth was a Speaker, but also Seth claims
that the historical Christ was also a Speaker. Seth talks
about other Speakers. Seth, The Speaker has also
predicted that Christ has already been born again but
has not yet appeared, but will appear soon. The Speaker
made this statement in 1971, that Paul of Taursus (using
a different name)had been reborn already ( born  
sometime prior to 1971) as the Second Coming of Christ
personage. However, he would not appear or become
well known until sometime in the 21st Century. Seth the
Speaker refused to give the name being used nor the
country of birth nor residence
The Speakers have more recently predicted in
the 70's, the coming or rise of those with
dictatorial ambitions, including Donald Trump.
The Speakers correctly predicted that Donald
Trump would be elected President with the help
of Vladimir Putin and his ability to actually alter
the voter tallies in Trump's favor,
The Speakers were correctly able to predict the
indictment of Trump collaborators. The
Speakers have predicted how the the Donald
Trump Presidency would be plagued by
Trump's Business Dealings and how Trump
would be Arrested or Indicted despite the
prohibition of such according to some legal
The Speakers (and Seth is a Speaker) have
also predicted correctly that Donald Trump,
back in December of 2017 on or about
December 22, 2017, woke up in a very upset
mood. He had planned to take actions that
could easily bring about a major War.  
However, Trump was talked out of it by some
of his aides.
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The Nature of Personal Reality
This is another famous book written by Speaker, Seth. It explains
the unknown reality and how our greater reality is really in the
Dream State. Physical Reality is a dream which we control by
core beliefs and related actions.
The lectures are given by a long term friend
of Seth, Jane Roberts and Robert F. Butts,
who is an original member of the Seth-Jane
Roberts-Robert Butts ESP Class of Elmira
New York in the 1970's.
Seth the Speaker did say that prior to the appearance of
the New Christ, a Black man who spent time in Indonesia
who had been born (or perhaps incorrectly thought to
have been born in Africa) (Obama?) would pave the way
for the New Christ of the New Millennium.